Raphaël Vigée

Hello, world.

I’m a developer in Paris.

My name is Raphaël Vigée, I'm a web developer. I designed and developed many websites from small showcase to ecommerce through full custom solutions or using CMS.

Since childhood, I started to develop in C + +, but the concept of accessibility has become very important for me. That's why I started to learn the web languages . I have skills in many areas of web development, ranging from the "back end" (PHP / MYSQL / Node.js / Symfony 2 & 3) to the "front-end" (HTML5 / CSS and Javascript / jQuery / Reactjs), user experience and visual design and the main CMS: WordPress. I also take care of Linux server management using Python and C++.

More recently I started developing hybrid applications for both iOS and Android using React Native.

I am available for any project or suggestion.



Here are all my graduates and contests I did.



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